In Pictures: Snowfall around the UK

A spell of cold weather across the UK has seen some parts of the country being covered in snow.

A Met Office yellow warning to "be aware" of snow is in place for north-west England and much of the Midlands, while snow has also fallen in parts of Scotland.

Here are images from the areas that have seen plenty of the frozen side of winter so far.

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This robin stood out among the snowy landscape in County Durham.

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Cows were seen being fed on a snowy farm in Loch Lomond, which is located between central Scotland and the Highlands.

Image copyright Reuters

This shopping trolley got a dusting of the snow that fell in Buxton, Derbyshire.

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Black sheep stand out even more when they are grazing in the white fields of Ashbourne in Derbyshire.

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By contrast, these swans are hard to spot in the snow at Tarnfield Park in Yeadon, Leeds.

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Unfortunately the icy conditions have also meant driving has become treacherous in some areas - this car fell foul of the roads in Sheffield.

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Frozen weather was not enough to stop these dogs from going out on a walk in Bradford.

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These dog walkers were also out, despite the freezing conditions, alongside the A58 near Ripponden, West Yorkshire.

Image copyright AFP

Also out on the roads was this bus, tackling the snowy A62 near the village of Marsden, West Yorkshire.

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