What is next for Prince Harry?

Prince Harry Image copyright Getty Images

We know what Prince Harry's giving up.

We don't yet know what will fill the considerable void that the absence of a military career will leave in his life.

It's no surprise that Harry describes quitting the army as a "really tough decision".

He's cherished doing a job which he was given on merit - and not because he's a prince.

It's a job which, when he was in Afghanistan, included targeting and killing Taliban fighters.

In the coming months, as he undertakes voluntary work in Africa and the UK, he'll have to decide how to occupy himself in the years that lie ahead.

He's rejected, for now, the option of becoming a full-time senior royal.

Officials will be hoping he embraces something which fulfils him and which doesn't give him time to once again be cast as a party prince.

It's little wonder Harry himself talks of being at a crossroads.