Turkey-bound teenage girl 'learned lesson'

Lady Justice

A teenage girl who was removed from a plane bound for Turkey by police after being "radicalised" has learned her lesson, a judge has been told.

The Family Division of the High Court heard that police found "extremist material" on the teenager's computer after her parents reported her missing.

Barrister Tina Cook QC said the girl, who cannot be named, had "expressed great remorse" and was embarrassed.

The girl was made a ward of court and cannot go abroad without approval.

'Close shave'

Her parents raised the alarm when she went missing last year and another teenager revealed the girl's plans.

Miss Cook, who was representing a local authority with responsibility for the teenager's care, said she was found on a plane heading to Istanbul.

She said there had been "great panic" when the girl disappeared and her parents noticed that her passport was missing.

The material found on the girl's computer included a document headed "44 ways to support jihad", the court was told.

Mr Justice Hayden said the teenager had a "really close shave".

The girl is one of a number of teenagers thought to be at risk of travelling to areas controlled by Islamic State militants who have been made a ward of court by Mr Justice Hayden in recent weeks.

Wards of court cannot travel abroad without a judge's permission.

The judge has ruled that no-one can be identified.

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