Royal baby greeted by the press

With the new baby princess ushered into the world at 08:34 BST on Saturday, only two of the nationals do not lead with the story - and one of those still has a front page picture. The Sunday Express catches the prevailing mood with a picture of the hours-old as yet unnamed Windsor, and the caption Bless Her!

Image copyright Express Newspapers
Image caption The Daily Star Sunday goes a traditional shade of pink to welcome the little girl who is fourth-in-line to the throne.
Image copyright Henry Nolan
Image caption With a wider picture showing a smiling Duchess of Cambridge, the Mail on Sunday says it was "worth the wait". Papers had speculated that the date of birth would be on 25 April.
Image copyright Sunday Telegraph
Image caption The Sunday Telegraph's front reminds us that life will change now for Prince George, William and Catherine's first child.
Image copyright Sunday Mirror
Image caption The 8lb 3oz princess slumbered through her first press call, giving rise to the Sunday Mirror's punning headline.
Image copyright The Sun on Sunday
Image caption Great minds thinking alike? The same headline and pictures, with just a slightly different layout, adorns the Sun on Sunday.
Image copyright Sunday People
Image caption The Sunday People's slightly more tortuous pun is illustrated by a picture of the duchess waving to crowds who had gathered outside St Mary's Hospital in London.
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Image caption The Sunday Times's front contains a nod to Diana, Princess of Wales, who would have been grandmother to the new royal arrival.
Image copyright The Guardian
Image caption It's back to politics for the Observer's lead. The paper says the country could face "weeks of paralysis" as the parties could struggle to form a government in the likely event of a hung parliament. It adds both Conservative rebels and some Lib Dems are against there being another coalition of their respective parties.
Image copyright Independent on Sunday
Image caption The Independent was the paper which famously celebrated an earlier royal birth with the headline "woman has baby". There's more to the Independent on Sunday's coverage, but on an inside page. Its front features all three party leaders making a pitch to voters, and its leader column says readers should make their own decision who to vote for, as it intended to live up to the paper's name.