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How does your front garden reflect your personality?

Britain's front gardens are increasingly turning from green to grey, with almost a quarter now entirely paved over, a survey for the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) suggests. But what does your front garden say about you?

The survey showed that 24% of front gardens are now entirely paved, concreted or gravelled. More than a quarter - 28% of the 1,492 people polled - said there was no greenery at all in their front gardens.

We asked you to share your pictures of your front gardens and show us how you've been bucking the trend with your flowers, bushes and attempts to branch out with your beautiful designs intended to reflect your personality.

Image copyright Susan McLaren
Image caption Susan McLaren, in Edinburgh, says her front garden reflects her personality as low maintenance but "at the same time dynamic and evolving".
Image copyright Amy Oakley
Image caption Amy Oakley says her back garden reflects her personality more, as it's colourful and tidy. She says: "My front garden is low maintenance but a tad neglected at the moment. The roses are growing though. The garden reflects my lack of spare time."
Image copyright James Grierson
Image caption James Grierson says his front garden, in Northwich, Cheshire, is a result of trial and error over four years. He says it reflects his own perseverance and desire to learn. He says: "It's somewhere to sit and enjoy the colour, scents and sounds of my personal natural space."
Image copyright other
Image caption Sarah Barnes says both her personality and her garden, in Sutton Elms, Leicester, could be described as "ever-changing, lively, colourful, well kept and groomed, fed and watered regularly and a good trim once a month and perfumed!"
Image copyright caroline renshaw
Image caption Caroline Renshaw says she has crazy clematis growing in her front garden, near Marlborough, Wiltshire. She says both she and the garden could be described as "slightly chaotic but generally sunny".
Image copyright Helen Palmer
Image caption Helen Palmer, from Romsey, Hampshire, says her front garden may be packed full, but it still has room for two cars. She says both she and her garden combine "practicality with the beautiful natural environment, highlighting a designer on a mission to enlighten the world".
Image copyright @pellivision
Image caption @pellivision sent us this image of the view from his front garden in Ely, Cambridgeshire. He says it reflects an "avant-garde" and "eclectic" personality.
Image copyright @OpenGarden34
Image caption Roger Roberts, in Derbyshire, replaced his garage with an aggregate-covered drive and many plants. He says his garden shows he's a plant-lover, a traveller, Italian, Japanese and stimulated by exotics, woodland and water.
Image copyright dave gittus
Image caption Retired Ordnance surveyor Dave Gittus, from Shropshire, says he built a rockery and grew most of his trees from cuttings and self-seeded saplings. He says: "I am an active person with a love of the countryside and take pleasure in my informal self-designed garden, which has colour throughout the year."
Image copyright @starlinguk
Image caption Meanwhile, let's have some sympathy for @starlinguk, in Lancaster, who tells us: "My garden shows the previous owner was lazy. Concrete slabs, front and back, and no soil underneath."

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