Royal Navy gets new First Sea Lord in ceremony on HMS Victory

Admiral Sir Philip Jones and Admiral Sir George Zambellas Image copyright Royal Navy
Image caption Admiral Sir Philip Jones took command of the Royal Navy from Admiral Sir George Zambellas (right)

The leadership of the Royal Navy has formally changed in a ceremony on board HMS Victory in Portsmouth.

Falklands veteran Admiral Sir Philip Jones took over the command of 30,000 men and women, as well as nearly 90 warships and vessels.

Admiral Sir George Zambellas stepped down after commanding the country's sea defences for three years.

Admiral Jones began his career in the Royal Navy in 1978.

'Enormous honour'

He said: "In these uncertain times, the Royal Navy continues to protect our nation's interests at home and around the world.

"In the years ahead, the introduction of the two largest aircraft carriers in our history will change the Royal Navy entirely."

Image copyright Royal Navy
Image caption The ceremony took place on HMS Victory

Admiral Zambellas said: "It has been an enormous honour to lead the Royal Navy.

"It has a fantastic future ahead of them, as they grow their Navy's capability and ambition. If I could, I'd join it all over again."

The Royal Navy currently faces a shortage of 500 sailors, resulting in two warships being docked in Portsmouth for six months to speed up the training of new recruits.

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