Taj Mahal photo and views on Brexit

The Sunday Express gives pride of place to the photo of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in front of the Taj Mahal "where Diana was so sad".

Telegraph front page The Telegraph also splashes the Taj Mahal shot, above a report of a claim by the work and pensions secretary that leaving the EU will bring "economic rupture" to Britain.
Sunday times front page The Sunday Times has a close-up of the duke and duchess, alongside a report that cricket star Sir Ian Botham is backing Brexit and another about a meeting addressed by London mayor hopeful Sadiq Khan in 2003 alongside alleged extremists. Mr Khan’s spokesman says he has always condemned all extremism.
Mail front page The Mail on Sunday leads with fresh allegations about the private life of Culture Secretary John Whittingdale.
observer front page The Observer leads with a warning of a shortfall in primary school places in England, alongside a claim by singer Lily Allen that police made her feel like a "nuisance" when she complained about stalking.
Star front page The Star Sunday edition leads with an allegation that a "hit squad" or "task force" of UK special forces will be sent to the Mediterranean to protect British tourists.

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