'It's a new dawn, it's a new day' - Social media erupts over Leave result

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Who would have thought that a political vote would get so much attention on social media. The EU referendum certainly did. From the moment the polls closed at 22:00 on Thursday many took to Twitter to share their views.

The hashtags #EUref and #EURefResults were being used throughout the night as the votes were announced.

By the time the Leave result had been called in the early hours of Friday morning the hashtags had generated more than a million tweets.

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Alex Cooper, 20, a musician from Hayling Island, Hampshire, tweeted a picture of his guitar and suitcase with the words "I'm off to live elsewhere."

He says he is very shocked by the result of the referendum.

"I'm not actually leaving but as a guitarist I do feel it will make touring very difficult in Europe now that's for sure.

"I do dream of living abroad though, maybe that's what I will do one day, I'm thinking France."

Others also tweeted their fears for the future. There were concerns about the value of sterling after the results triggered a significant drop in the value of the pound.

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But many people were thrilled with the result and optimistic about the future.

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