Aleppo boy and Brownlee brothers

The emotive picture of the young Syrian boy sitting in the back of an ambulance in the city of Aleppo after an air strike makes the lead for the Times. The paper says haunting video footage of five-year-old Omran Daqneesh has been seen around the world, providing a new, iconic face of a largely unseen tragedy.

Image caption Hours after he and his family were rescued, says the Guardian, Omran was discharged from hospital, having suffered a head injury and bruises in the attack, but nothing too serious.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph says Thursday's A-level results revealed that the education gap between boys and girls was at its narrowest for 16 years, as recent efforts to toughen up standards began to take effect.
Image caption "Oh brother!" exclaims the Metro. The paper says the Brownlee brothers made history as they brought Team GB yet more glory in Rio. Alistair retained his Olympic triathlon title and Jonny crossed the line behind him to take silver.
Image caption The Sun calls them the "Bruvnors". The paper notes that they are the first brothers to win Olympic gold and silver since the 1960 Games in Rome.
Image caption The Daily Star calls them "brothers in arms". The paper pictures the moment Alistair and Jonny collapsed on the ground with joy at the end of the event.
Image caption But will there be a victory parade for the Brownlees and Britain's other Olympians? The Daily Mail says rowing legend Sir Matthew Pinsent said he had been told there would not be - London Mayor Sadiq Khan tells the Mail he was pushing for a public celebration in the capital.
Image caption In post-Brexit fallout, the Financial Times says the City of London has given up hope of universal access to the EU single market and is now seeking a bespoke deal for its different sectors to keep trading with Europe, with similar but stronger ties than Switzerland.
Image caption The Daily Express reports that British motorists in Calais are seeking the protection of the military after a series of violent attacks by migrants, warning that a trucker or tourist could be killed unless the army is brought in to restore order and end the chaos.
Image caption The Daily Mirror tracks down former Chancellor George Osborne on holiday in Vietnam - "blasting away on a machine gun in the jungle like Rambo".