Colchester MP Bob Russell's painful mishap in Afghanistan

Soldiers on duty in Afghanistan Image copyright PA
Image caption Soldiers on duty in Afghanistan

He's made the journey several times but on this occasion Bob Russell's trip to Afghanistan delivered a little more than he bargained for.

During his last trip to Camp Bastion earlier this year the Lib Dem MP for Colchester decided to take up a challenge, given to certain visitors, of cutting through a metal pipe using an oxyacetylene torch.

You can guess the rest...

"I burned my hand a bit but that was all right - then three splatters burned through my boots, even though I was wearing two pairs of socks," he tells me.

"It all seemed to be healing OK until I came home when I didn't like the look of one of the burns, which didn't seem to be healing. So I had to go and see the doctor in the House of Commons."

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Image caption Bob Russell's trip to Afghanistan delivered more than he bargained for

I didn't know there was one...

The long-suffering Mrs Russell sighs: "He had a hole in his foot."

"Anyway it's all better now," the Voice of Colchester tells me.

He's fighting fit ready for his next visit; perhaps next time the 65-year-old MP will give the high jinks a miss.