Edgar brothers jailed for faking £20 notes

Christopher and Colin Edgar
Image caption Christopher and Colin Edgar were found guilty at Canterbury Crown Court

Two brothers have been jailed after equipment capable of making millions of pounds in fake currency was found in a raid at an industrial unit in Kent.

Bricklayer Colin Edgar, 37, was jailed for six years and his brother Christopher, 39, for one year for their part in the enterprise.

Colin was found guilty of four offences and Christopher of two at an earlier hearing at Canterbury Crown Court.

Det Insp Eddie Fox said the pair tried to mass produce counterfeit notes.

Kent Police searched the industrial unit in Laddingford on 6 May last year.

"The equipment and processes found were sophisticated, professional, and potentially capable of producing millions of pounds," Det Insp Fox said.

"This conspiracy began to take shape whilst Colin Edgar was in prison coming to the end of a previous prison sentence for similar offences.

"Upon release he immediately set about trying to accurately reproduce the bank notes.

Image caption A range of printing equipment was found in the raid at Laddingford

"The processes used by these criminals resulted in a £20 note that was very difficult to differentiate from a legitimate one.

"They were at the point where they were beginning to mass produce their perfected notes."

The equipment found in the raid was being used to produce fake £20 notes, which were found in various stages of production.

A box containing forged £20 notes ready to go into circulation was also found and investigations discovered thousands of pounds of finished notes had already been circulated.

Other equipment to produce 50 euro notes was also found.

Colin Edgar, from Faversham, was convicted on 1 April of three forgery offences and one under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Christopher, from Bermondsey, south London, was convicted of two offences of forgery.

Colin's wife, Angela Edgar, 38, who was convicted on 2 November 2010 of two offences of forgery and one of money laundering, will be sentenced at a later date.

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