Bikers stage M1 protest over EU modification plans

Bikers protest on M1 in Nottinghamshire
Image caption About 100 bikers protested on the M1 in Nottinghamshire

Bikers across the East Midlands staged go-slow protests on the M1 over EU proposals to impose new motorcycle regulations.

Draft plans seen by the Department for Transport outline new braking system guidelines and possible limits on vehicle modifications.

The Motorcycle Action Group, which organised the protests, said the ideas were "bonkers".

The demonstrations caused congestion on the M1 in both directions on Sunday.

In Nottinghamshire, about 100 bikers set off in convoy from Trowell services at about 1300 BST, and rode north to junction 26 before crossing the motorway and heading south.

They maintained a speed of 40mph for the protest, which lasted about half an hour.

Trinity Savage, president of the Streetfighters Owners Club, took part in the action.

'Improve safety'

She said: "We're here to show that we're absolutely disgusted that someone in Brussels can tell us what we can and can't do to our motorcycles.

"This is our life - it's not just a hobby. A lot of these guys don't drive cars, they just have motorcycles and a lot of them don't want to turn up at a bike meet with one style of bike that's the same as everyone else's.

"This is our individuality - it's like saying you're not allowed to have tattoos."

Protests took place on stretches of the M1 including Leicester Forest East Services and Donington Park Services.

The EU said the draft proposals had been drawn up to improve safety and limit emissions.

The Department for Transport has raised some concerns about the cost and timescale of the plans, and has also suggested that member states should be allowed to retain powers to set the requirements for vehicles built by amateur enthusiasts.

MEPs are due to vote on the plans in October.

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