Bat bridges to be built on Norfolk to Suffolk road

Special bat bridges are to be installed on a new dual carriageway between Norfolk and Suffolk.

Six sites on a new nine-mile stretch of the A11 to be built between Barton Mills and Thetford have been identified as bat crossing points.

Wire meshes stretched between telegraph posts will help the bats to navigate over the road safely.

They are also a road safety feature which will help to prevent bats hitting vehicles.

The Highways Agency said it was obliged to protect existing endangered species bats and always carried out environmental studies as part of new projects.

The study for the A11 widening project identified at least six different species living in the forest and sandy breck farmland environments through which the new road will run.

"This was spelled out in the environment statement included in the master plan for the new road," the agency said.

"The road is now being designed to include the bat bridges.

"The study will continue as the project progresses to see if there are other species of bats living in the habitat or if there are other flight paths identified."

No date has been given for the start of the widening project but the design and location of bridges on existing known flight paths will be complete by January 2012, the Highways Agency said.

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