Stuck M40 Oxfordshire snow driver: 'It was crazy'

Stranded drivers on the M40
Image caption Emma Sullivan-Webb she was at a standstill for two-and-a-half hours

"It just came to a complete stop, it was crazy."

Emma Sullivan-Webb was one of about 100 drivers stuck on the M40 in Oxfordshire amid heavy snowfall.

The 23-year-old, who was travelling alone, left Ipswich at 19:30 GMT on Saturday evening driving to her home in Oxford where she eventually arrived at 02:45 GMT.

"It was not really snowing when I left but when I got to the M25 it started," she said.

"But it was on the M40 when everything came to a stop.

"There were no lanes, people were just driving where they could.

Image caption Emma Sullivan-Webb arrived at home at 02:45 GMT

"People started getting out and walking down to see what was going on.

"I stayed in my car because I was cold, people were getting out and putting anti-freeze in their cars, trying to keep them going.

"I saw a few cars down a man got out and had a wee next to my car.

"People that were with other people found it quite funny but a few of us who were on our own were fed up because nothing was moving.

"Eventually police helped push vehicles out, there was a rough bit where people were getting stuck.

"Once I was through it was OK, but I didn't get above 20mph the whole way home."

Another driver, David Bostock, tweeted: "We had a nightmare trying to get from Beaconsfield to Oxford.

"Stranded cars and jack-knifed lorries everywhere."

Image caption Police eventually managed to clear the motorway with the help of gritters fitted with snow ploughs

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