Railway cable theft heavily reduced in Yorkshire

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Media captionFigures for the amount of cable theft were released by Network Rail

Railway cable theft in Yorkshire has fallen heavily, according to figures from Network Rail.

In 2012-13 there were just 46 incidents of cable theft compared with 303 the previous year across North, South and West Yorkshire.

There were 338 hours of delay in the three counties during 2012-13, down from 1,774 in 2011-12.

Phil Verster, for Network Rail, said: "This is a great success but we are not complacent that this issue is solved."

Mr Verster, Route Managing Director for Network Rail, said there were a number of factors for the reduction in cable theft, including engineers developing cables that were harder to steal and easier to identify.

He said the introduction of new laws had made selling illegal scrap much more difficult.

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, passed by Parliament earlier this year and due to come into force in the autumn, would provide a further boost, he added.

In West and North Yorkshire in 2012-13 there were 18 incidents of cable theft compared with 143 the previous year.

In South Yorkshire over the same 12 month period there were 28 incidents of cable theft, down from 160 the previous year, said Network Rail.

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