Nottingham University balloon missing in Oxfordshire

PhysSoc high altitude balloon Image copyright Physsoc Nottingham
Image caption PhysSoc Nottingham's high altitude balloon is believed to be in Oxfordshire

A hi-tech balloon launched in Nottingham to take pictures of the Earth has been lost in Oxfordshire.

Nottingham University's physics society, PhysSoc , released the balloon on Friday but lost its signal the same day.

They believe the helium balloon, which was taking photos of the curvature of the Earth, most likely landed around Oxford or Bicester.

The students are appealing for people to get in touch if they find it.

Kris Thobroe, president of PhysSoc, said: "The balloon will have popped by now, but what will be left will be a luminous green and orange parachute attached to a small silver and black box.

"It cost us about £200 but, if you went and found it, it is not really worth anything because it is all electronic things we put together ourselves."

The signal was lost once it reached an altitude of 5km (3.1 miles) over the Midlands. It was expected to reach 28km (17 miles).

Mr Thobroe said: "It had three on-board cameras taking videos and still photos, and from 28,000m we should have been able to get some really good photos of the curvature of the earth."

The box may still be emitting a radio signal every five seconds at 434.65Mhz.

Mr Thobroe's contact details are on the box.

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