Council funding: Three authorities aim to save £27m

Barry Wood
Image caption Barry Wood, leader of Cherwell, said the team up would ensure a "financially sound future"

Three authorities are looking to join forces to save £27m over 10 years, it has been announced.

South Northamptonshire Council, Stratford-upon-Avon District Council and Cherwell District Council are considering a "confederation approach".

They want to create a company, wholly owned by themselves, to buy services.

Barry Wood, leader of Cherwell, said it would ensure a "financially sound future" and maintain "high quality public services".

It would also enable them to trade with other organisations.

'At all costs'

In a joint statement, they said: "We expect the age of austerity to continue well into the next parliament and, as three local councils, we expect there will be increasing pressure on our budgets as demand for services grows and income decreases."

By teaming up, savings are estimated at £12.1m for Cherwell, £7.1m for South Northamptonshire and £7.8m for Stratford.

Cherwell said it had to reduce running costs to avoid cutting services and jobs.

Mr Wood said: "The important thing is that we will want to avoid, almost at all costs, compulsory redundancies."

A final business case will be put to each council to vote on next year.

Budgets for the three councils in 2015-16

Cherwell District Council: £15.35m

South Northamptonshire Council: £10.31m

Stratford-upon-Avon District Council: £12.43m

Source: Draft Business Case

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