Thames Valley Police gives 'first satellite tag to teen'

A tag
Image caption Tagging is used to monitor criminals when they are released and to make sure they stick to any curfews

A 15-year-old boy has become the first child in the UK to get a satellite-tracked tag, police have said.

Thames Valley Police said the new devices track a person's movement via GPS at all times, rather than just when they enter and exit a building.

The teenager - who cannot be named - was convicted of burglary, robbery, threatening a 14-year-old girl and brandishing an imitation firearm.

He is from Oxfordshire and will now have to wear the tag for six months.

'Really a deterrent'

PC Mike Ellis, Oxford anti-social behaviour officer, said: "We believe this is the first such order in the country with a youth. I think it will be very successful not just in this case but also in the future.

"He must wear [the tag] at all times and it allows us to see if he is involved in any anti-social behaviour we get reported to us.

"This is really to act as a deterrent to the offender as they know we will be able to see whether they were near where a crime took place."

PC Ellis said the device, called a Buddi tag, was used after the police applied for a Criminal Behaviour Order, which replaced Anti-social Behaviour Orders (Asbos) last year.

The 15-year-old had already been convicted of burglary offences in August 2015.

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