England's Big Picture: 2 - 8 January

Each day we feature a photograph sent in from across England.

One way people can send us images is via social media using #EnglandsBigPicture.

The BBC England team noticed tags that incorporated doodles or sketches in photographs.

This gallery highlights some of those pieces of artwork - all of the contributors used social media to share their work.

Image copyright Kirk Andrews (@the_kirkinator)
Image caption Kirk Andrews sketched this image of his mum and dad's garden in Little Budworth, Cheshire on the day they moved to Somerset. Kirk says: "This sketch means a great deal to our family as we all have very happy memories of times spent in this beautiful garden".
Image copyright Lyndsey Monaghan (@lynzscribbles)
Image caption This image of a post box with a worried face was sketched by Lyndsey Monaghan in Croydon, London. She says: "I scribble for the love of it and because it makes me laugh. I genuinely chuckle to myself when a new character emerges from the paper - I never plan my drawings they just tend to happen, so it's like meeting a new friend and discovering their personality".
Image copyright Gurjeet Singh (@gs_artboy)
Image caption Gurjeet Singh sketched this image of Big Ben at the Palace of Westminster, London. Gurjeet says: "It was one of the most astonishing structures I saw from a list of European architectural wonder. It took me nearly 72 hours to get the details but still I see many mistakes."
Image copyright David Frankum (@david.frankum)
Image caption This sketch of Gillingham Park in Kent was drawn by David Frankum. David says: "I was born, and still live, in The Medway Towns and I thought it would be nice to celebrate and explore my surroundings. All of the places I have drawn hold some kind of significance and emotional attachment for me".
Image copyright Hannah Tobin (@hanmadeweb)
Image caption Hannah Tobin drew this image of a street in Warwick. Hannah says: "I like the buildings in Warwick and Leamington Spa as they're so full of character and I like doodling the buildings where I go to see live music".
Image copyright Taddea Tinchon (@Ta.Tin)
Image caption This sketch of the view near Holborn Station, London was created by Taddea Tinchon. Taddea says: "I was taught to carry a sketchbook with me. I love drawing and I practice it whenever I have some free time. To me, it is very relaxing and I also enjoy how differently I see a place when I draw it".
Image copyright Pietro Cataudella (@CityLiveSketch)
Image caption Pietro Cataudella created this sketch of the Rabbit from Disney's adaptation from Lewis Carroll's book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. It shows the Rabbit running away with the clock face from the north end of the Palace of Westminster in London. Pietro says: "I've had a passion for drawing since childhood. About two years ago I created the CityLiveSketch project, and since then I like to represent landscapes, important city symbols, even with imagination as in this case."

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