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Man jailed for robbing disabled victim in Bedfordshire

A 22-year-old has been jailed for robbing a man with learning difficulties in his home in Bedfordshire, which left the victim "petrified" and in fear of his life.

Neville Langley, of Dunstable Road, Flitwick, grabbed the victim by his t-shirt and threw him against a wall, Luton Crown Court heard.

He admitted robbery and was jailed for two years.

Langley stole a television, laptop and phone in the incident on 29 December.

Prosecutor Natalie Carter said it was not uncommon for people to visit the victim to smoke cannabis and drink, and on the night in question Langley and nine others had turned up with a crate of beer.

She added: "He [the victim] has learning difficulties and may have considered these people to be his friends."

Langley demanded the keys to the flat and when he was refused, he put his hands in the man's pockets and took them.

He then became angry when the victim called the police, the court heard.

"He took hold of the man by his t-shirt and threw him against the wall and then threw him onto the sofa," said Ms Carter.

"The victim was very upset and curled himself into a ball. He later said he thought he might have been killed."

'Invited on trust'

Langley was arrested and told police he was "disgusted with himself", the court heard.

Stuart Sprawson, defending, said Langley could not remember the events of that night but had been in a bad mood after falling out with his girlfriend.

Judge Richard Foster told Langley: "This was a disabled young man and you invaded his home where you had been invited on trust.

"You were drunk and took it upon yourself to rob him.

"He must have been petrified and thought he might even die which is some measure of the fear you put him in."

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