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Fund-raiser from Luton visits flood projects in Pakistan

A fund-raiser who worked with people in Luton to raise £100,000 for flood relief in Pakistan has visited projects the money has paid for.

Luton fund-raiser Bilal Hussein has visited Ajag Bagh on the north west frontier of Pakistan, hit by the floods in August 2010.

He saw how Islamic Relief spent the money that was raised.

The charity is working in three villages to restore homes and install sewage networks.

Image caption Bilal Hussein talking to BBC Look East's Nikki Jenkins at a village hit by floods

Islamic Relief is aiming to expand its operation to 20 villages.

Mr Hussein told the BBC: "Islamic Relief agreed to rebuild these homes... Also there is a good drainage and sewage system, so they won't have the same problem again (with the scale of last year's flooding)."

Habib Malik, of Islamic Relief, said: "The public in the UK have responded, even in a difficult time with the recession, again and again and again."

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