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Buckingham University student wins £500 over harassment

A woman, now ill at home in Bulgaria, has won £500 High Court damages for anxiety caused by a fellow university student harassing her.

Anzhela Lozanova, 26, a post-graduate student at Buckingham University, also won an injunction preventing Frank Woke from communicating with her.

Mr Woke did not appear in court and has already received a restraining order.

Mr Justice Supperstone in London imposed an injunction on Mr Woke to prevent further harassment.

Mr Woke is also facing a legal costs bill of about £57,000.

Emily McKechnie, for Ms Lozanova, said that since October 2009 Mr Woke had sent 373 texts of an over-familiar nature, despite never having a social or friendly relationship with her client.

He referred to her as "my sweetest special cupcake", "cherry blossom", "Swedish covered chocolate cupcake" and made references to sexual relationships.

Despite her telling him to leave her alone and warning that she would contact police and the university, he frequently appeared in the same locations as her in Buckingham.

He also tried to phone her and make indirect contact through a friend's Facebook.

Mr Justice Supperstone ordered Mr Woke, to pay Ms Lozanova £5,000 on account of costs within 21 days.

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