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Buckinghamshire man denies using his home as a mosque

A Buckinghamshire man is denying claims from neighbours that he is turning his house into a mosque.

Abdul Miah, from Fishermead in Milton Keynes, says he regularly invites up to five people a day to pray at his home.

Mr Miah says that without a car they are unable to get to Bletchley mosque to pray.

But local residents have disputed the numbers and say many more people visit the house.

"If you come down here on a Friday or Saturday, or when Ramadan is on, you can't park anywhere," said Fishermead resident John Brown.

"It's minibus loads, five or six to a bus, I've counted 39 people going in there."

Despite his neighbours' concerns, Mr Miah said he is exercising his right to pray with his friends and family.

"It's just family or sometimes friends - that's it," he said.

"It's not a mosque, we haven't got scholars, it's mostly my nephew and my cousin."

According to Islam, Muslims can pray anywhere, but it is preferred to pray with others in a mosque.

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