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Northampton mental health nurse 'groped patients'

A Northampton mental health nurse groped patients and dragged one resident across the floor "like a rag doll", the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) panel has heard.

David Omolayo Ayoola Ajayi is facing 70 misconduct charges including paying a patient for sexual favours.

He denies performing a number of sexually inappropriate acts at Westwood Lodge from 2006 to 2008.

The panel heard a number of witness statements alleging misconduct.

'Kissed patient'

John Lucarotti, for the NMC, read a number of witness statements from patients who were too vulnerable to attend the hearing.

Resident H said in a statement that Mr Ajayi took her into toilets and touched her inappropriately.

"On one occasion he also kissed me on the lips," she added. "On another two occasions he gave me cigarettes and a drink of sherry."

A second patient, known as Resident G, said Mr Ajayi entered her bedroom and touched her inappropriately.

Mr Ajayi faces 17 misconduct charges and 59 separate allegations involving eight residents and one carer.

He denies all charges relating to behaving sexually inappropriately. He also denies using inappropriate force with Resident F in December 2007.

'Dragged outside'

A statement from Resident F said: "On one occasion I was sitting with Mr Ajayi by the front door of the home.

"Without any explanation he took hold of me and dragged me outside the front door. He was dragging me like a rag doll."

He admitted that he signed for medication for Resident B which was not prescribed for administration on his shift from February to March 2007.

He also admitted that in March 2008 he failed to document that he disconnected Resident E's feeding tube.

The case continues.

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