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Stevenage Borough Council withdraws wheelie bin 'hazard' case

Alex Young
Image caption The council had said Ms Young's wheelie bin was an obstruction

A woman due to appear in court because her wheelie bin protruded over her property boundary by 12 ins (30.5 cms), has had the case against her withdrawn.

Alex Young, 47, from Hertfordshire. had been told by Stevenage Borough Council that the bin was a hazard.

She said that just yards from her Wisden Road home, the council's own grit bins and posts protruded further.

Ms Young was due before magistrates on Monday, but the council said it had reached "an amicable agreement".

The charge against Ms Young had alleged that under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 she failed in the "placing of receptacles as required for the purpose of avoiding a nuisance or detriment to the amenities of the area contrary to Section 46(6)".

She was told by the council that the position of the bin was an obstruction to the highway, a hazard to the visually impaired or people using wheelchairs - and that grass cutting could not be carried out.

Block access

Ms Young explained to BBC Three Counties Radio that the bin was on raised hard standing below the outside of her back garden fence.

She said moving it to her garage driveway, as the council suggested, would block access to her rear gate.

Last summer she received a fixed penalty notice requesting she pay a £100 fine for the "incorrect presentation of waste receptacles".

She appealed against it, but heard no more.

In December, she heard that as a result of her non payment, she was to appear at magistrates' court.

A spokeswoman for Stevenage Borough Council said: "[The council] has worked with Ms Young to reach an amicable agreement and the case has been withdrawn."

Ms Young has yet to comment.

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