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Chinese man killed woman over brothel sacking

A man used a heavy ornament to batter to death the keeper of a brothel where he worked in Bedford, a court has heard.

Yong Li Qui, 42, was killed by Gang Wang, 46, whom she sacked from his job of greeting clients because he was "sullen".

Mr Wang admitted to police he lost control and hit her with a dragon statue, Luton Crown Court was told.

The Chinese man from Bedford denies murder.

Prosecutor Beverley Cripps said Mr Wang would deny he intended to kill Mrs Qui or cause her serious harm.

He would also claim he was suffering from a mental condition which was a defence to murder.

The victim was attacked at a flat in Ashburnham Road in Bedford on 18 March last year and she died a week later from head injuries.

Washed off blood

Mr Wang had worked at the brothel over several years and had been sacked a number of times but returned at Mrs Qui's request.

After another return he confided in a woman at the brothel, referred to as Mandy, that if he was sacked again he would kill Mrs Qui.

Miss Cripps said: "The following day Mandy was in her bedroom when she heard Mrs Qui tell Wang he was dismissed.

"He armed himself with a heavy ornament and rained blows on her head in a prolonged attack."

Mandy ran for help and when police arrived Mr Wang tried to hide the ornament and had washed the blood off his hands.

Mrs Qui was still alive but critically ill and died on 25 March after surgery, Miss Cripps said.

Mr Wang had been accused of having a sullen face that put customers off. He promised to change but was sacked anyway.

"It was an injustice but I really did not intend to kill her," he is alleged to have told police.

The case continues

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