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Sainsbury's knife used in Bedford killing

A bus driver accused of murdering his estranged wife in Bedford told police he bought the knife used in the attack from Sainsbury's for £12.

Sajid Mahmood, 52, of Sandy Road, Bedford, admits the manslaughter of Afsana Kosser, 35, but denies murder.

Mr Mahmood said he attacked his wife on 11 April last year after seeing her holding hands with another man.

He told police Ms Kosser had taken his property from him and was now taking his children, Luton Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Ian Wade QC told court that Bedford job centre worker Ms Kosser, who was born in Halifax, had formed a relationship with work colleague Zaheer Hussain.

'Ferocious attack'

"He feared Zaheer was not only stealing his wife, but was intent on taking the house, the property and his children. A powerful emotion of jealousy was working away at Sajid," said Mr Wade.

On Wednesday 11 April last year Mr Mahmood drove in his Peugeot car and waited for Ms Kosser to leave her home in Rosamond Road to go to work.

When she reached Dudley Street he launched what was described as a "ferocious attack" stabbing her 24 times. Wounds to her chest and neck were the cause of death.

Mr Mahmood, who works as a bus driver in Northampton, then dialled 999 and told the police what he had done.

A tape recording of the call was played to the jury in which he said: "I have just killed my wife."

He then called members of his family to tell them what he had done.

A tape of his police interview was played in court with Mr Mahmood telling officers about Ms Kosser's relationship with the other man: "I had seen them together in town crossing the road, hand in hand.

"I bought the knife from Sainsbury's. I put it in the car. I thought if I lose my children I will kill her.

"In my mind I was going to lose my children."

The case continues.

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