Langley family's empty home occupied by squatters

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A Berkshire woman says she is being forced to pay the bills of squatters who have taken over her mother's former home.

Joy McCabe and her family inherited the three-bedroom house in Langley from their mother, who died two years ago.

They tried to sell the empty house, but were not successful.

Two weeks ago, they realised the house had been occupied by some men when Mrs McCabe's sister saw a van parked in the drive of the house.

The family tried to enter the house using their keys, but they no longer worked.

'Closed curtains'

When they went around the back of the house, they found four men were sitting in the garden.

"My brother told them to get out, but they didn't," Mrs McCabe said.

Thames Valley Police confirmed they had been contacted about the squatters on two occasions, but said they could not intervene as it was a "civil matter".

Officers said the men claimed to have rented the house from a third party.

Slough Borough Council also said it could not intervene on a civil matter.

The McCabe family said utility companies have refused to disconnect the house due to human rights legislation.

The family served the men with a notice to quit the property on Sunday 6 August.

Now it must get a court order to repossess the home.

"We don't know what they're doing in there, they've closed the curtains so we can't see in," said Mrs McCabe.

"We always think of that as my mum's house. My sister and I are really upset about it."

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