Newbury's Michaelmas Fair approved despite complaints

A Berkshire fair that dates back to the 17th century will go ahead despite complaints of anti-social behaviour.

The Michaelmas Fair in Newbury, held in October, was reviewed by councillors on Thursday after residents and police lodged reports on last year's fair.

There had been complaints about excessive noise and claims that people had relieved themselves in gardens.

Councillor Hilary Cole said they had now decided to provide extra stewards to help police the event.

She added: "If we manage it correctly it will be unnecessary to stop it.

"We would be upsetting a lot of traditionalists in Newbury who see the fair as a historic event."

The fair attracts thousands to the residential area of Northcroft Lane.

The event had its origins in local people such as shepherds and maids turning up to seek work but is now a fun fair.

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