Finchampstead lightning bolt leaves hole in roof

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Media captionBarbara Brice said her outdoor light switch panel had been "completely blown away"

Lightning has struck a house in Berkshire leaving it with a hole in the roof and two collapsed ceilings.

Firefighters who attended the house in Little Fryth, Finchampstead said the lightning travelled through the main beam of the house on Sunday afternoon.

Phone and electricity lines are still down in the street according to neighbours.

Witness Angela Bennett-Smith said: "We heard this almighty bang which sounded just like a bomb."

She added: "We came out the front and we looked across the road to see there was a massive hole in the roof of the property opposite and there was smouldering smoke coming out of it."

Another neighbour, Barbara Brice said her outdoor light switch panel had "completely blown away".

She added: "Our boiler has several malfunctions, the phone lines are down and the heating is off.

"But we are lucky as we have lost nothing compared to our neighbours next door."

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