Reading council homes get free solar panels

Hundreds of council homes in Reading are being installed with solar panels.

Reading Borough Council said the £1.8m scheme would pay for itself over two decades, with income generated through the government's feed-in-tariff.

The authority said about 450 homes were chosen for their design and position and residents would save up to £300 a year on their energy bills.

It said tenants of remaining properties could still benefit from energy advice, free low-energy light bulbs and grants.

Tenants of the upgraded homes will pay nothing for the panels or their maintenance.

Installation, which takes about two or three days for each house, is expected to finish in July.

Housing councillor Richard Davies said: "We have worked very hard to select the houses according to their suitability for solar panels and, in fact, all tenants will benefit from the project because those whose homes did not fit the criteria will be provided with help to find other ways to reduce their energy consumption and their fuel bills."

The government feed-in-tariff is a scheme whereby the owner of a renewable energy source can get money from their energy supplier.

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