Reading bus lane fines increase fourfold

The number of people fined for driving in Reading's bus lanes is four times higher than it was five years ago, figures show.

The BBC found that Reading Borough Council made almost £3m from fines for 2013/14 when 102,659 were given out.

This compared with 27,493 in 2008/09, making £816,000.

Councillor Tony Page said: "The reason we have more fines is we have been enforcing them with cameras in a way we didn't do four or five years ago."

Mr Page, who is deputy leader and lead for strategic environment, planning and transport, said: "Bus lanes are part of the process to ensure reliable service.

"The vast majority of people respect the bus lanes.

"The money has to be reinvested in the transport system, and it is."

Andy Silvester of the Tax Payers' Alliance said: "What is striking is the increase.

"I think the fact it has increased at the same time as money from government has gone down, it raises the question about whether motorists are used as cash cows."

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