Needles and syringes dumped in recycling bins in Slough

Needles and syringes are being dumped in recycling bins, posing a risk to waste workers, a council has said.

Slough Borough Council said boxes of needles were being thrown into bins, as well as individual syringes, and the problem appeared to be growing.

The authority said an "increasing number" of recycling loads were being rejected and were having to be dealt with as hazardous waste.

It said, so far, there had not been any reports of injuries.

Nick Hannon, environmental strategy manager, said dumping needles in bins posed a health and safety risk "particularly to the people who handle and process the recycling, as used needles are sharp and can carry blood-borne viruses".

"It also undermines the efforts of all the residents who are using the recycling bins properly, because once a load is rejected it can't be recycled," he added.

The council urged people to dispose of needles in a "sharps bin" and return the bin to the GP or pharmacy where it came from.

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