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Birmingham police target truants

Anti-truancy patrols have been taking place in Birmingham under an initiative involving police and the city council.

Youngsters who are caught have been returned to their schools or guardians, West Midlands Police said.

Officers have also greeted pupils walking to schools and anti-robbery personal safety advice has been given.

The force said children not in school were "vulnerable" and young people were "disproportionately at risk" of being a street robbery victim.

A spokesman said parents or guardians found to be with truanting children would also be warned about their future conduct.

Sgt Becky Farr said: "We hope that this impact day will have a positive effect on youngsters in the city at the very start of the new school term.

"Officers will be able to offer invaluable crime prevention advice to local youngsters who may be making their way to and from secondary schools for the first time and will also look to prevent truancy in the early days of term.

"Hopefully the messages we get across will also further reduce robbery offences."

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