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Birmingham man in 80s hit with baseball bats

An 86-year-old man was left with a dislocated shoulder after being beaten by three men armed with metal bars and baseball bats.

Tommy Reid was attacked at his home in Ettington Road in Aston, Birmingham, on Wednesday evening when the men forced their way in.

Mr Reid's brother, Bill, 80, arrived at the scene but had an angina attack and went to hospital in the same ambulance.

The three masked men took a "large quantity" of money, police said.

'Really terrified'

A spokesman for the West Midlands force said it was a "nasty attack" on a vulnerable person.

Image caption Tommy Reid has since come out of hospital

The brothers have since come out of hospital.

Tommy Reid's sister, May Spence, who lives with him and her husband at the house, called police and their brother Bill following the attack, which happened at about 21:00 BST.

Mrs Spence, who is also in her 80s, said she was "really terrified" during the incident, which happened when her 79-year-old husband and herself were also in the house.

She added: "I thought they were going to kill us.

"I was shaking. I couldn't stop shaking and then my family... all came over, my nieces, nephews and all that.

"[It was] very frightening. I've never known anything like it really."

Bill Reid, who lives in New Town, Birmingham, said he cried "all night" on Thursday.

He added: "How can you just turn round and forget a thing like that? You can't."

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