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M6 Toll: Plea for free peak travel for lorries

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Image caption Ms Quinn said the 2013 experiment had made a "really sound business case"

A Birmingham councillor is calling for the M6 Toll to be made free for HGVs during peak hours.

Victoria Quinn, who chairs the city's transport scrutiny committee, wants to repeat an experiment that was run in July 2013 when members of the Road Haulage Association were able to access the route free of charge.

Ms Quinn said reviving the trial was a "no-brainer".

The company that operates the road did not respond to a request for a comment.

'Clogged up'

The councillor said the move would help alleviate congestion on the M6 near Birmingham while roadworks take place near Spaghetti Junction.

"If we were to run that for the next four months while these extensive roadworks are under way, it would be a smart way of using both of our motorways successfully," Ms Quinn said.

The councillor said the 2013 experiment had made a "really sound business case".

"The [road] was losing traffic volume numbers year after year," she said.

"After the one-month experiment, those traffic volumes went up and they never reduced to the same level.

"It's a no-brainer really. Anyone who wants to come to Birmingham gets clogged up on the M6.

"When you have a road that can get traffic through in 20 minutes compared to sitting there for two-and-a-half hours in roadworks, you are going to use it."

The M6 Toll - a 27-mile route between Cannock and Coleshill - opened in 2003 and cost £900m to build.

The road is owned by Midland Expressway Limited, which charges cars £5.50 and lorries £11 to use it.

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