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Cannon Hill Park cherry trees attacked in act of vandalism

One of the cherry trees
Image caption The trees in Cannon Hill Park were attacked during the night with an axe, the council said

Four trees have been hacked down in a "devastating" act of "mindless" vandalism in a city centre park.

The mature cherry trees were attacked during the night in Cannon Hill Park, in the Edgbaston area of Birmingham by someone wielding an axe.

Birmingham City Council said the trees had been "felled with an axe" and the matter had been reported to the police.

The trees, including one that was about 50 years old, measured up to 30ft (9m) in height.

Image caption West Midlands Police were called to investigate the vandalism

Darren Share, head of parks, said: "This has taken out a beautiful amenity that was there for everybody to enjoy.

"All the staff are devastated.

"It's not great for anybody to be walking round with an axe. Luckily nobody else was in the park. It's just mindless vandalism that is hopefully a one-off."

The council said it was "impossible" to put a price on the trees.

"They are effectively priceless, as these are mature specimens which cannot simply be replaced with full-size trees - they'd have to be replaced with saplings," it said.

Image caption One of the trees was about 50 years old and in full flower

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