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Birmingham office cleaner sprays colleague's sandwich with chemicals

Sharon Edwards Image copyright PA
Image caption Sharon Edwards was told her actions were an 'act of spiteful revenge'

A "spiteful" cleaner secretly sprayed a colleague's sandwiches with chemicals after taking offence to him walking in to the room, a court heard.

Sharon Edwards, 44, squirted telephone sanitiser liquid on to Mohammed Omar Islam's packed lunch after he disturbed her work in a Birmingham staff canteen.

Edwards admitted administering a poison with the intent to injure or annoy, and was given a 26-week suspended jail term at Birmingham Crown Court.

Mr Islam suffered no lasting injury.

Edwards, from Fentham Road in Aston, said she "saw red" over what her barrister called "a very trivial incident" at an office block in Hagley Road, Birmingham, on 16 February.

She had put a chair against a door to prevent entry while she cleaned the room, and became angry when Mr Islam pushed through and put his sandwiches in the fridge.

'Spoil his lunch'

The court heard Mr Islam and Edwards had "a verbal altercation" and called each other "rude" after which Edwards sprayed the sandwiches several times. Her actions were caught on CCTV.

Mr Islam, who suffered vomiting, noticed "a strong chemical smell" coming from his lunch, but took a bite anyway.

Edwards said she had not meant to hurt the victim but simply spoil his lunch.

Judge Francis Laird told Edwards she had committed "an act of spiteful revenge merely to teach her victim a lesson over a perceived slight".

Edwards' sentenced was suspended for 12 months.

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