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Dudley Council to lose 400 jobs in next year

More than 400 jobs will go over the next year at Dudley Council after its budget was approved.

A total of £35m has to be saved at the Conservative-controlled authority over the next three years, where more than 800 jobs will go.

The council backed £22m of the savings which will come in the first 12 months. A total of 325 voluntary redundancy applications have been accepted.

More than 4,400 jobs will go in the next year at West Midlands councils.

The figure represents about 5% of the workforces.

A total of 427 job cuts have been announced over the next year in Dudley, which is 2.8% of the workforce.

A total of 268 applications for voluntary redundancy need further consideration.

On Monday evening police were called to the meeting in which protesters refused to stop chanting.

During the opening speech from David Blood, the council's cabinet member for finance, protesters began heckling and jeering, BBC reporter at the scene said.

Chamber broke up

The opposition finance member's speech from Labour councillor Peter Lowe was greeted with cheers and a flurry of paper planes were flung from the balcony over the council chamber, the reporter added.

The chamber broke up after protesters refused to stop chanting and police asked those causing a disturbance to either leave or be quiet. Most left and the meeting resumed.

A total of £333.25m will be saved in the county after Dudley was the final West Midlands council to reveal the extent of its budget cuts over the next financial year.

At Birmingham City Council, 2,500 job cuts have been announced over the next year, which is 9.6% of the workforce.

They include 1,500 voluntary redundancies and 302 compulsory as the authority makes cuts of £212m.

In Wolverhampton, 524 jobs losses, which equals 4.3% of the workforce, and £36m of cuts have been revealed over that time.

A total of 520 job cuts, 5.4% of the workforce, and £31m of savings were announced in Sandwell.

In Walsall, where there are savings of £17.25m, the jobs figure is 438 or 4.3% of the workforce, with 102 compulsory redundancies, 102 voluntary and 138 vacant posts with the rest relocated.

Solihull is making no job cuts as it cuts £15m in the next year.

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