Dog found hanged due to Hull owners' neglect

The owners of a dog that choked to death on a tether in a Hull back yard after trying to jump a fence have received suspended jail sentences.

The RSPCA said Buster died a "truly awful death" due to the negligence of owners Jason Edwards, 37, and Stephanie Chapman, 26, of Ledbury Road.

The pair were found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering and handed a six-month suspended jail term at Hull Magistrates' Court.

They were ordered to pay £600 costs.

Dog 'suffered severely'

The male black and tan cross-breed was found hanging over a fence by a "choke chain" on 30 November 2009.

Eight days earlier the RSPCA had told the couple to alter the way Buster was tethered either by shortening his tether or raising the fence enough to ensure the cross-breed could not hang himself.

The couple raised the fence but failed to raise it high enough.

RSPCA inspector Hannah Bryer said: "This dog died a truly awful death because of his owners' negligence.

"Veterinary evidence suggested he had suffered severely for minutes, not seconds, as he struggled to breathe.

"What happened here is very sad but it certainly could have been avoided. If Buster's owners had taken his welfare seriously Buster would still be here and we wouldn't be."

The court also banned Edwards and Stephanie from keeping dogs for five years and ordered them to complete 180 hours of community service each.

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