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Labour regains majority in Leeds council election

Labour has won an overall majority in the Leeds City Council election.

A total of 33 seats were up for grabs in the authority, which was previously run by a Labour administration with support from the Greens.

Labour gained seven seats, bringing its total to 55 out of 99 seats. The Liberal Democrats lost five seats and the Conservative Party lost one.

Keith Wakefield, the council's Labour leader, described the result as "absolutely amazing".

He added: "All we can do is do our best, work hard, listen to people and campaign.

"If you asked me at the start of the campaign, I said we would work hard to gain two or three, to get seven is absolutely amazing which shows you the depth of feeling in this city about the whole political strategy of this government."

Elsewhere, Labour has strengthened its control of Wakefield - having gained five seats from 34 to 39.

Labour victory

The council's composition is now Lab 39, Con 21 and Ind 3.

Labour gains were also made in Bradford, where it remains the biggest having secured an extra five seats.

The party has now secured a total of 44 out of 90 seats, falling two seats short of securing a majority. The Liberal Democrats lost three seats and the Conservative Party lost two in the election.

In Kirklees, the council remains Labour-led with no single party gaining an overall majority.

The Labour Party secured the biggest share with 27 seats out of 69.

In the election, Labour won three seats and the Conservatives gained two. The Liberal Democrats lost six.

The new council will include four Green councillors and three independents.

The Conservatives are the biggest party in Calderdale, having gained two seats from 19 to 21.

Labour won three seats there boosting its number from 10 to 13 with loses by the independents and Liberal Democrats.

The composition of the council is now Con 21, Lib Dem 14, Lab 13, Ind 2, BNP 1.

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