University of West of England seeks chocolate lovers

A Bristol university is looking for women with a sweet tooth to take part in a study into chocolate cravings.

Staff at the University of the West of England are examining whether exercise can help people give up chocolate.

Women aged between 18 and 40 who do not exercise and who have experienced chocolate cravings are being sought.

The study, which features short walks and questionnaires to monitor responses during and after exercise, will run until the end of August.

Dr James Byron-Daniel said: "There is evidence that exercise stimulates the same part of the brain as drinking and smoking, mimicking the 'feel-good' effect - the same kind of effect that is seen when people eat chocolate and sugary snacks.

"We know that short bursts of exercise can lead to temporary reductions in the cravings associated with smoking for example, and it may also be the case that such exercise could help reduce cravings for sugary foods like chocolate."

Dr Byron-Daniel explained that any data collected would contribute towards the long-term aim of helping people who are trying to lose weight deal with their chocolate cravings.

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