Army veteran Thomas Cameron detained for stabbing wife

An Army veteran who repeatedly stabbed his wife will be detained indefinitely in a secure hospital.

Thomas Cameron, 83, from Clarence Road, Weston-super-Mare, stabbed his wife Doreen, 80, in the neck, hands and face during an attack at their home.

Cameron was charged with attempted murder following the attack.

The judge at Bristol Crown Court ruled that Cameron was not fit to stand trial because he was suffering from vascular dementia.

He was transferred to a secure hospital in March where he will now remain indefinitely.

The legal hearing was held whereby a jury had to decide whether Cameron had carried out the attack - and not whether he was guilty of attempted murder.

Armed with knife

The court heard that Cameron was found to be too ill to enter a plea, stand trial or even attend.

Mrs Cameron, 80, woke in the early hours of 6 February to find her husband on top of her armed with a knife.

She played dead and he loosened his grip on her, allowing Mrs Cameron to flee and alert neighbours, the court was told.

The 80-year-old suffered a 5cm long and 4cm deep laceration to the neck and needed an operation after the attack.

Cameron, a former paratrooper, had broken her false teeth, clawed at her eyes and stabbed her in the neck, hands and arms.

Police found Cameron in a distressed state - wearing a bloodied white T-shirt - lying on the sofa hugging a pillow having inflicted superficial knife wounds to his neck.

He told police: "Just get it over and done with and kill me now."

Failing eyesight

Cameron has failing eyesight and hearing and is also suffering from multiple sclerosis, prostate problems and dementia. His wife cared for him 24 hours a day.

Prosecutor Ray Tully told the court that Mrs Cameron had faced a difficult time looking after her husband.

"It was obvious to her that he was getting ill and that he was getting worse and she was trying to cope with that and trying to cope with all the stress and strains of caring for a loved one in the circumstances such as that," he said.

The day before the attack, Mrs Cameron had arrived home to find an ambulance crew at their flat, which had been called by her husband.

The crew took Cameron to Weston General Hospital for a check-up but later that night he was discharged and taken home.

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