First Bus announces Bristol fare changes

First bus
Image caption Tickets will go up between 5p and 20p, but some tickets will also come down in price

First Bus has announced a rise in fares on some of its routes in Bristol.

The company, which is the biggest bus operator in the West, is increasing single and return fares on some routes but has not yet specified which.

Some tickets will go up by between 5p and 20p from Sunday but some others will come down in price.

The company said the Bristol zone one and two day ticket has had its price frozen at £4 for the second year running.

It also said a number of season tickets had been reduced in price following a trial earlier in the year.

Marc Reddy, from First Bus, said: "We understand that people are feeling the pressure of the tighter economy and so we are doing what we can to help.

"Clearly we, like other businesses operating in the current climate, still have increasing costs to contend with and so some single and return fares have had to increase slightly however we're doing what we can to reward loyalty among our customer base and reduce the cost of travel for those who use the bus the most."

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