Avon Fire drivers have 300 crashes in three years

Drivers at Avon Fire and Rescue have been involved in more than 300 accidents in the past three years.

The service is now considering installing black box recorders in engines' cabs in a bid to cut down on the amount of collisions.

Many of the accidents happened when drivers were not responding to emergency calls.

A spokeswoman from the service said they wanted to "get to the bottom" of the rate of accidents.

Sarah Allen, an area manager, said many of the accidents were clipped wing mirrors and other minor collisions.

"Working in an urban area like Bristol there are issues with getting access to narrow places," she said.

"Some of the accidents are on the way back from incidents - so having to get back along narrow tracks or getting back between parked vehicles.

"The vehicles we drive around in are two-and-a-half metres wide [8ft] and anything between eight and 11 metres long [26-36ft].

"These are big vehicles to move around in urban areas."

She added the majority of accidents were happening at around school time when "many people are parked half-and-half on pavements".

Recently, the service released a film to educate motorists on how to react when they see an emergency vehicle.

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