Bristol bus loses roof: Eighteen passengers injured

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Media captionA resident said he had heard a loud bang which sounded liked an explosion

A double-decker bus struck a tree and lost its roof in Bristol injuring 18 people, seven of whom were taken to hospital.

Crews were called to Fishponds Road following the accident involving the 342 service just after 07:40 BST.

Great Western Ambulance Service said those injured mainly had head injuries, but none was seriously hurt.

The busy road was closed for several hours but reopened just before 12:00 BST.

Operator First Bus confirmed one of its fleet had been involved in the incident.

'Loud bang'

"The top of the double-decker bus was in collision with some tree branches which were hanging over the road," a First Bus spokeswoman said.

"The bus was in service at the time, with a number of passengers on board.

"Our teams are on the scene and are working with the relevant authorities to determine exactly what has happened.

Image caption Fishponds Road has been closed in both directions

"Our thoughts are currently with those people who were on the bus at the time of the incident and their friends and family."

Jonathan Pomeyie, who lives nearby, said he had been at the back of his house making a cup of tea when he heard a loud bang.

"It was a very deep impact type of sound, like an explosion. At first I wasn't too sure what it was.

"I [later] got a phone call from one of my friends who said there had been a bus accident so I looked out of a window to see if there were any delays to the traffic.

"I saw police, paramedics and firemen everywhere.

"It was a horrid and unbelievable sight to wake up to."

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