Bristol council youth plans challenge thrown out

Plans to invest £20m over the next five years into Bristol's youth services will go ahead after a failed challenge.

Bristol City Council faced the possibility of having to reconsider handing over more control of its youth services to the voluntary sector.

Labour councillors "called in" the plans, saying adventure playgrounds and youth centres might close as a result but the claims have been thrown out.

The ruling Lib Dems insist there are no plans to shut any facilities.


Councillor Gary Hopkins, said: "The voluntary sector already provide a majority of services, but these will now be better co-ordinated, better focused on the real needs of local youth - and better funded, pulling in grants and money from business in a way that we as a council would have been unable to do.

"We already have good youth services in some parts of the city but it's patchy."

The "call-in" committee voted three-to-two against a rethink.

The leader of Bristol's Labour councillors, Councillor Peter Hammond, said: "Vital sections of these proposals simply do not stack up financially and these should have been looked at again.

"Unfortunately the committee voted on party lines with Labour supporting a rethink and the Lib Dems and Tories, as you might expect, voting the cuts through."

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