South Bristol 20mph limit to be rolled out in 2014

The second phase of Bristol council's scheme to introduce 20mph speed limits across the city will be rolled out in 2014.

The phase two area includes Filwood, Knowle, Brislington and Ashton Vale, and a consultation on which roads should be included begins on Saturday.

A pilot phase is currently running in Easton and Bedminster.

Phase one is in development and expected to be rolled out on many roads in central Bristol from the autumn.

Plans to introduce a 20mph speed limit in most residential streets in Bristol over the next three years were approved in July.

The council has said the speed limit would make the roads less dangerous and encourage walking and cycling.

But it has been criticised by the Association of British Drivers which said it had analysed a trial of the scheme and while there was a drop in casualties in one area there was a rise in another.

The police have also said enforcing the scheme will be extremely challenging.

Displays about phase two of the scheme will be touring libraries until 16 March.

The 20mph limit will be rolled out across all residential roads in Bristol, and many main roads that are currently 30mph, by 2015.

The estimated cost of city-wide rollout is £2.3m and will be funded by local transport budgets.

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