Ben Condon inquest: Parents will continue to 'seek truth'

Ben Condon Image copyright Family photo
Image caption Ben Condon died at Bristol Children's Hospital in April last year after developing a breathing problem

The parents of a premature baby will "continue to seek the truth" saying the narrative conclusion at an inquest into his death left a "confusing picture".

Ben Condon died after developing a respiratory illness likely to have been caused by human metapneumovirus (HMPV).

His parents Allyn and Jenny believe he should have been given antibiotics in the days before his death, at Bristol Children's Hospital in April 2015.

But the inquest at Avon Coroner's Court heard this would not have prevented it.

Ben was born at 29 weeks at Southmead Hospital in Bristol on 17 February last year and spent seven weeks in intensive care.

He returned home to Weston-super-Mare with his parents on 7 April, but began coughing and sneezing two days later.

'Clear inconsistencies'

On 10 April, he was taken to Weston General Hospital and transferred to Bristol Children's Hospital after becoming lifeless and struggling to breathe.

Ben was not prescribed antibiotics until 17 April, just over an hour before he died at 21:07 GMT, after suffering two cardiac arrests.

Following the inquest conclusion Mr Condon, an Olympic sprinter, said: "We still have many unanswered questions and continue to seek for the truth.

"The picture that has emerged from the inquest is still a very confusing one. There are clear inconsistencies that need to be resolved."

Mrs Condon said: "It destroyed me losing Ben but this has destroyed me even more."

Two consultants who gave evidence both said they would have administered antibiotics earlier, but did not believe it would have made any difference to his condition.

Recording the narrative conclusion, Coroner Maria Voisin said Ben's death was caused by acute respiratory distress syndrome, HMPV and the fact he had been born prematurely.

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