Police chief warns of 'Armageddon' if cuts go ahead

Cambridgeshire's Chief Constable has warned the police service may be forced to deal only with 999 calls.

Julie Spence is retiring from the force on Sunday and has spoken out over government plans to cut its budget by up to 40%.

The force faces £33m cuts over the next four years.

"It would be Armageddon. The police service that you see today would not be the police service that you would see in the future," Mrs Spence said.

'Anorexic front line'

In the short term the force must cut £9m from its £130m budget by next April - the equivalent of 220 police officers.

Mrs Spence said she feared the police service could be left with "an anorexic front line".

In August a consultation began with some of the force's 2,500 officers and staff to find out where they think cuts could be made.

More than 20 police staff have already been made redundant as part of saving measures for this year.

The deputy constable John Feavyour has previously estimated £33m budget cuts over the next four years would equate to losing the whole police staff or 1,100 officers.

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